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DecentraBuild 3D Digital Architecture NFTs

Increase the Value of your Decentraland Plot.

Be Distinctive. Be Instantly Recognizable.

Specialized 3D Digital Architecture NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), custom designed for the Decentraland Metaverse. The First 100 NFTs are now available for 16m x 16m Singular Plots. Only 2k will ever be Developed over differing Plot Sizes inside the Metaverse. Custom Builds also available.

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3D Modelling Development

The DecentraBuild Team construct the 3d Modelling for each of the Sculptural, Artistic and Iconic Units. The Designs are Developed to be Striking and Instantly Recognizable. The Models have been specifically formatted to be directly imported into your Decentraland Metaverse Plot.

Packaged Material
Ready for Import

All of the 3d Data is imported into the Scene Builder in Decentraland by the DecentraBuild Team and Downloaded as a Zipped SDK file. Each listed NFT will be a .gltf file with a link to the Decentraland SDK ZIP ready for metaverse plot deployment

Full guidance for this process can be provided if required.

Material & Details

Each Building is unique, yet the style and format of each unit carries consistency and maintains a striking impact on the Decentraland Skyline. High quality materials applied to each type to exude sophistication and elegance. Your Decentraland plot will stand out from your neighbors and increase in value.

Resale on NFT MarketPlace

The NFT itself can be resold and transferred onto a new plot within Decentraland. It is however a requirement of the sale that the original model is removed from the previous owners plot. Failure to do so will breach the terms of the sales agreement.


The Most Unique, Identifiable & High Quality 3D Digital Architecture NFTs formatted for the Decentraland Metaverse.

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Abstract Lines

DecentraBuild 3D Digital Architecture NFTs By Numbers


Standard collection available on OpenSea


Maximum MB file size of each project


Private Projects delivered & deployed


Standard Singular Plot Size in Meters


Typical NFT Height in Meters

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DecentraBuild Standard NFT Examples:

NFT Examples

Building 64


Building 49


Building 8


Building 9


Building 6


Building 1


Building 2


Building 3


Building 80


Building 5

DecentraBuild Road Map:

Q1 2022:

- Create Website.
- Build Social Media Platforms &  Develop Following.
- Create First 100 NFTs for 16mx16m plots.
- List NFTs for Sale on Opensea.
- Marketing for Awareness Campaign.

Q2 2022

- Build content for Social Media Platforms.
- More Comprehensive Marketing Campaign.
- Accept Custom Design Appointments for private clients.
- Plan next 100 NFTs for 32x32m Plots.

Q3 2022:

- Create 300 NFTs for differing plot sizes.
- Dedicated Team appointed for Custom Design Projects.
- Complete remaining 1,500 NFTs by Q4 2022.
- Become the No.1 Design Company for the Decentraland Metaverse.


Road Map

The Future of the Metaverse:

Are You Ready to Increase the Value of your Metaverse Plot & Own Additional 3D Digital Architecture NFT Assets?

DecentraBuild NFTs are currently only formatted for Singular 16m x 16m Plots in Decentraland. Future Releases shall contain NFTs formatted for Larger Plots. Please Contact the DecentraBuild Team for any specific Custom Build Appointments.


The Metaverse Phenomenon Presents a Unique Opportunity be part of the Creator Community that shapes the Digital Future.


DecentraBuild is just the Beginning...

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